Weekend Warmup

The weather and fish were certainly cooperating this last weekend, the West metro topped out at 44 degrees and the fish were hungry.  After a dozen holes were drilled it didn’t take long to find some fish.  Most people were walking out as I did but there was a good 9″ of solid clear ice and 3-4″ of white ice on top of that, there were a few full sized trucks out there but for the most part everyone parked at the landing


I was on the lake by 1:00pm and eventually found the sunfish and crappies, they seemed to prefer small chartreuse jigs tipped with a larva or wax worm, crappie minnows were a bust.


Hole hopping was a must to stay on top of them, most fish were caught in 12-15′ near a small hump that came up to 5′.  Anytime I can find structure near relatively deeper water and even better if that structure still has standing weeds, I’m likely going to find fish.





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