StrikeMaster Ice Auger – Fuel Leak

StrikeMaster Ice Auger – Fuel Leak

The other day I noticed that my StrikeMaster ice auger had a slow gas leak, the carb was rebuilt only 3 years ago and I am meticulous when it comes to summerizing or winterizing my gear.  I had my doubts about the float needle being the culprit, but that wasn’t the case.

After emptying what was left in the fuel tank, which wasn’t much as most of it had already leaked out, a couple of nuts held it onto the carb.  As I went to remove the 2 studs holding the carb to the engine I noticed the small plastic elbow that connected the fuel line from the tank to the carb had a small crack in it.  I believe I’ve found the leak!

Now I’ve had this StrikeMaster for quite a few years and have done many different repairs on it.  This is one of the last models that came with the steel handles and didn’t have the pressure relief valve.

I remembered that I had a similar issue probably 10 years ago and had bought 2 of these elbows just so I had a spare.  Now the only problem was that we had moved since then and could I remember where I put it.  Luckily for me it was right where I had left it, in a small box labeled “auger parts”.

Getting this snapped into place was difficult, but once that was on I filled up the tank and let it sit tank side down overnight just to be sure there were no more leaks.  The next morning the cardboard the auger was laying on was bone dry…and I was off to the lake.

Here is a link to Amazon and the Tecumseh part 640363, remember to grab at least a few of these to keep on hand.


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