Boat Summerizing

Boat Summerizing

Here are the items I go through each spring when I bring my boat out of storage. Some of this may not apply to you and as a FYI: I have a 2 stroke outboard. Please comment below with anything I missed as part of your procedure and I’ll add it to the list.

  • Check the trailer lights
  • Jack up trailer, verify wheel bearings are solid and grease as needed. I use bearing buddies and highly recommend those. (Repack every other year)
  • Inflate trailer tires to recommended PSI
  • Inspect winch strap and winch functionality
  • Torque lug nuts
  • Remove rodent/mice prevention (Moth balls, dryer sheets etc)
  • Visually inspect wiring, gas lines and oil reservoir.
  • Ensure batteries are charged, mine are connected to an onboard charger that remains plugged in all winter
  • Quick check bilge pump operation by switch
  • Check/Replace fuel/water filter if equipped
  • Place motor muffs over lower unit water inlet screen with water running and start motor. Let motor run until thermostat opens and fogging oil is burned of.
  • Remove, clean/replace spark plugs. Keep the original spark plugs for a backup
  • Make sure you have your drain plug and a spare ready to go

One of the most important pieces from this list in my opinion, is ensuring your motor starts. Ok, all of these points are important to a degree but using the motor muffs / rabbit ears / motor flush kit or whatever you want to call them is the easiest way to ensure you’re not “that” person at the boat launch.

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