Fishing Opener

Fishing Opener

Fishing opener in Minnesota was a tough one this year for most everyone I spoke with. The lake we fished was still in the lower 50’s for water temps, typically upper 50’s and lower 60’s is the sweet spot for our local lake. There was no shortage of bass willing to hit anything you threw out there, walleyes were non-existent for our boat.

There were more boats on this lake than there has been in the past openers, but one thing that was common among all of them; no one was staying in the same spot for very long.

The weather was fantastic and you couldn’t have asked for a nicer morning around the metro area. After sun up the wind did pick up a bit out of the South which I thought may help trigger some fish to turn out, but that didn’t pan out either. Shallow or deep, the fish just weren’t there yet and I didn’t even mark anything noticeable on the graph.

With rain in the forecast next weekend I highly doubt fishing will be an option and I may have to wait until Memorial weekend which will be spent at the cabin.

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